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May 9, 2012
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Leopard by ElysianImagery Leopard by ElysianImagery
Leopard done with Colored pencil and marker

art c. :iconelysianimagery:
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NatureGuide Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I'm here with team 21 from Feedback Frenzy!

I have always loved cats, and leopards are no exception. The eyes draw me in--great job on the shading!--and the fur texture is really great!

The only two things I didnt like were that his cheeks looked a little chubby for a fully grown leopard, as he seems to be, and the way the the wave design in the background can look sort of like the neck and body of the leopard, but it is the wrong sizes. In order to fix the second one, you could make the design cross the other direction, or change the design so it matched the body design better (a bit skinnier at the very neck, and thickens fast to the chest).

But I am no visual art or leopard expert, and don't claim to be. I'm just saying the way I think it would look best to my eyes.

Overall, I love this design and can't wait to see more from you!
LiliWrites Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hello! :wave:

I am here leaving a bit of feedback for #FeedbackFrenzy. I am by no means a visual artist, so please take these comments in the uneducated light the occupy. ^^; Just some thoughts that came to me while viewing this fine piece of art.

First, I looove those eyes! You did an excellent job with them - they're magnetizing. The anatomy, proportions, etc all seem well done as well. I do wish that the fur on the chin didn't blend into the background quite so much. Also, if you're going for a realistic look, I would consider giving the fur around the leopard's chin a little dirty look. Cats have a difficult time cleaning their own chins and leopards are not known for being particularly social creatures, so the muck from hunting, drinking, rolling around, etc would could caught in its fur and white fur would particularly show that.

My only other niggle is the ears. Cat ears have a slight flap of skin that prevents them from looking as rounded as the ears you've drawn. Here's an example image found in a google search: [link] If you look closely you can see the way the top ear flap indents and a second flap attaches it to the rest of the ear. That creates a dented look that is not properly represented in your drawing.

Otherwise, I like this very much. It's got beautiful colors and is very eye catching! Good work. :) :+fav:
VegetasLittleSister Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist
Hi there, critique time!
Wow, let's start with the great use of colors in the background! I will next talk about your media. You seem to have wonderful control of the colored pencils. In addition, what you've done with the marker looks nice. I cannot really pick a favorite aspect of this piece.
The fur is just colored so perfectly to the point where it amazes me.
zakkiya29 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am critiquing this work of artwork for :iconfeedbackfrenzy:

Before I go into an in-depth critique of this piece of work, let me start off by saying that this drawing shows how very talented you are and how you know to use your color pencils in the proper way.
Firstly I will start off with the Positives!
:bulletblue: I love the colors used in the eye here and I love that you've shades to show the depth in the eyes if the leopard.
:bulletblue:the use of the strokes done by the leopard paw in the background is a very clever idea and it goes really well with the theme of the drawing
:bulletblue:I love how you have rendered the fur and given the proper shades and shadows wherever required. The print of the leopord skin looks very natural as well.

Negatives and suggestions for Improvement
:bulletred:I feel that the background here could have been done a bit better. I can see some of the whites of the paper you have used through the coloring of the background and I suggest you buildup colors using different shades of pencils for a better effect.
:bulletred: I do not know if you intended to complete the fur area near the chin but the overall impact would have been better if you had finished that area off leaving it to trail off in a gradual way.
:bulletred:The ears could have been done a tad bit better showing a bit of depth and use of reds and browns for the inner part of the ear.Even the hairs on the hair looks less realistic than the rest of the drawing

Overall,this drawing is really beautiful and the effort is tremendous here. Brilliant coloring and this is a beautiful creature you have drawn here. :)
tom-girl5973 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I am here from #Feedback Frenzy

This is absolutely beautiful! I love leopards, and i think you did a wonderful job drawing this one :D I am especially impressed that you did this with colored pencils and markers! Beautiful shading and color work. Also, you are exceptionally talented, the drawing technique (in my amerature opinion) of this piece is fantastic! Great job! The eyes and spots are my favorite part of this, they are very eye catching and enchanting.

Last thoughts: Beautiful overall job! All of the elements of the drawing work together harmoniously to form a beautiful drawing!

Thanks for sharing this with us!! :D
WolfStrawberryEater Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello, Im Jazmine from #FeedbackFrenzy's critique contest~ :wave:

I love the leopard. It's spots, fur texture, color. It's crazy realistic! :D

But, the banner like thing in the background seems to run w/ the white of its fur. Kind of washing that part out. The background its self is just completely putting the heads greatness down. The colors should be cooler against the warm of the warm colors of the leopard, making it stand out more, you know. Darker greens would work as well. Its natural environment colors.

Through it all, perfect~! :heart: I hope this helps any ^^ Keep it up~!
Ashdancer Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012   General Artist
Hi! I'm critiquing this for #FeedbackFrenzy!

I absolutely adore the leopard's head. The detail and the shading are impeccable, and I especially love the detail of the eyes. Everything is very realistic

The only thing I would mention for improvement is the use of the background colors. They sort of mute the impact of the leopard, although I did like how well you blended the yellow and the green.

Overall, I love the impact of this piece, because it looks like the leopard could very well pop out of the screen! Awesome drawing!
Kyra-illustrations Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hello I'm kyra fom the feedback frenzy team 25.

I really love the fact that the head of the leopard is coming forward by the use of colors in the background.
It's a very subtle drawing and very realistic.
Though the drawing is really nice and calm I think I'm also being bothered by the white space in the background.
It makes the overall outcome a bit flat, which makes the leopard itself blend in with the bg, while I guess it's ment to burst out more coming towards you. I think, giving the white space the colors the rest of the background has, would be giving it an even calmer yet stronger feeling.

When I was looking through the favorites map to choose my deviations that i was going to critique, I saw this piece bursting out most in the first place. It certainly has something to do ith my love of cats, which is why I instantly loved it! If it weren't for the bg I might even have thought it is a picture (in the small thumb display) I love how the Leopard is looking so wise and steady. Maybe like a mother who's watching over her playing cubs.

you really have a great gift, being able to draw like this!
Like I said before, it's a lovely piece and when the white in the bg weren't there it would be perfect.
That doesn't make me love it less though! It really stands out in the fav-folder I was going through, as for the wow-factor, I was bedazzled by the color and detail!
The pattern of his furr is so realistic and nicely done. Also the little hairs above his eye! I always find it hard to make that look real.

ElysianImagery Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a grand critique.
neurotype Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there from #FeedbackFrenzy team 8!

First of all, I loooove how smooth the blending looks in this. The background colors contrast very nicely against the colors of the leopard Overall the shading is great and despite being a minimal piece, the rich colors and texture make it easy to get into.

I am not an expert on animal anatomy but the leopard's face looks just a little off to me. I think the eyes are a little too close together, or a bit larger than I'd expect--honestly I would get if you were going for a more stylized effect but since this has a very realistic feel it's what I'm going off.
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